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Lamecraft Cool Stuff Mod 0.8

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Lamecraft Cool Stuff Mod 0.8 Empty Lamecraft Cool Stuff Mod 0.8

Post  Rainy on Wed Nov 02, 2011 10:00 pm

Lamecraft Cool Stuff Mod 0.8 Splash-dev

Changelog 0.8:
//New Features\\
-New Nether world
-Extendeable health blocks spawn underground evenly and randomly in worlds
-Minecraft texture pack
-New World generation messages(50+)
-New splash screen
-Extended terrain_medium to 256x256
-Added nether block
-Lava/water creating stone interaction + sound
-Added half hearts to the health bar(Nice little system )
-Took some blocks out of the inventory*(This was pretty confusing to figure out because all the block information is dumped
and sent to print on the HUD, so it had to be treated like the iron block, and put at the end)
-Added 3 new blocks(Refined Diamond, refined gold, and Treasure chests)
-Added Blood moon that occurs on random nights
-Obsidian blocks now spawn underground. Break 10 of them to gain access to the nethers

//Bug fixes\\
-added in more blocks to fix Block inentory problem
-Fixed Lava not hurting you
-Took out some functions in world generation to prevent more crashes

-[NETHER WORLD] Added ALOT more lava
-[NETHER WORLD] More health blocks spawn underground
-[NETHER WORLD] Added new sky, fog, and stopped day/night system
-[HEALTH SYSTEM] New system for displaying heart BG
-[HEALTH SYSTEM] Increased fall damage and fall damage risks
-[HEALTH SYSTEM] Player now starts with only 3 hearts
-[HEALTH SYSTEM/HEART BLOCKS] If you have 10 hearts(max health), and you break a heart block, it fills up your health
-[RENDERING] Added in new Lamecraft sprite code from newer revisions
-[RENDERING] Added in new Texture manager code from newer Revisions
-[TNT] No longer blows up lava
-[TNT] Increased TNT Explosiveness
-[TNT] Added new texture
-[BLOOD MOON] Added an Algorithm to check if you are in a fort, or else you take damage until you're in one
-[BLOOD MOON] Fog turns red
-[BLOOD MOON] Added a message for when Blood moon is about to rise
-[BLOOD MOON] Chances of a blood moon showing up is 10/100 every night
-[WORLD SAVING] Terrain type is now saved into a world
-[SPLASH SCREEN] Removed the other 2 splash screens
-[ACCESSING NETHER WORLD] Added sound for breaking a nether key block
-[ACCESSING NETHER WORLD] Destroyed nether block count is now saved when you save a world
-[ACCESSING NETHER WORLD] Added a menu for when you are able to go to the Nethers. You confirm if you want to go. (What a pain...)
-[ACCESSING NETHER WORLD] You can now save the Nethers world and name it if you confirm you want to go.
-[ACCESSING NETHER WORLD] Created an algorithm for randomly spawning Obsidian in patches
-[ACCESSING NETHER WORLD] Broken Nether world blocks are now displayed on the pause screen
-[ACCESSING NETHER WORLD/LAVA/WATER INTERACTION] Very scarecly, an Obsidian block will spawn when lava/water meet


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